Hi.  I’m Keri.  I’ve been a life coach for more than three decades.  It has been a labor/journey of discovery of the human potential.  And what I’ve discovered is we all share a life purpose of being happy and feeling loved.  What’s different is how much permission we individually give ourselves to pursue that purpose.  My path, if you will, has been about moving debris out of the way in order to see more clearly who I am.

I believe we are here to explore the soul-satisfying, deep, rich experience of the joy of being human, while also embracing that comes from embracing the fact that I am also connected to the divine.

Imagine waking up in the morning and trusting that you are being guided by a benevolent loving force in the universe, and that, even if you felt crummy or doubtful, life was all for you rather than against you.  You were not put here to struggle and suffer, but to learn about how truly loved you are.  Here at Divinely Guided, we are all about clearing the way to what wants to unfold – in your career, relationships, health, or just in the day-to-day living of life.

Keri Lehmann has been a pioneer in the field of Human Development since 1989.  Since then, she has logged hundreds of hours as a facilitator, coach, author, teacher. Her background as a facilitator, teacher and coach includes sales, leadership, presentation skills, and interpersonal communication skills. Most recently, she served as the Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO) of The Cancer Journey Institute, the first cancer coach training company in the U.S.  Her most revered title is as a Channeler of Love, which comes through in all of her many roles, including friend, mom, wife, and choir member.


Keri Kuerbis Lehmann is passionate about love. “When someone learns to love themselves, quantum healing is possible,” says Keri “that’s why coaching is so powerful.” As a coach and coach trainer for decades, she is both a teacher and a healer, something she believes is part of her destiny.  Keri brings heart, depth, vision, and humor to her work with clients. As a perpetual student of metaphysics, Keri believes joy is the greatest healer.

Keri is the co-founder and served as Chief Spiritual Officer (CSO) of The Cancer Journey Institute from 2012-2020.  The organization’s mission is to re-create the cancer experience as a transformative possibility rather than a deadly diagnosis.  Her own journey with breast cancer in 2019 taught her the most life-changing lesson of all: to put self-love first, no matter what.

A pioneer in the coaching industry, Keri also has decades of experience as a coach and workshop facilitator in many corporate industries.  She began her professional coaching career in 1996 when she received a certified professional co-active coach (CPPC) designation from The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI,) the largest coach-training organization world-wide, where she was invited to become one their first faculty members. Keri earned an M.A. in Human Resource Development from The George Washington University in 1989, and a Master Certified Coach designation from The International Coaching Federation in 1996.

Keri lives with her husband, Jay, in Pacifica, a coastal town in the San Francisco Bay area, where she enjoys daily beach walks with their handsome mixed-breed dog, Bosco.